Kathryn writes music for prayer, meditation and healing which she has named, Sacred Meditational Music.

Known for her lovely voice, talents as a composer, and her knowledge of scripture, theology and medieval women mystics, Kathryn's vision is to bring the nurturing love of God into the heart of people's pain, healing and rebirth. Her music is based on sacred writings from scripture and women saints and mystics of the church, with imagery of the sweet, tender love of God enfolding each one of us in our joy and in our struggle. Kathryn's music has been played at churches, retreat centers, conferences and in private settings around the world.

Kathryn also writes and sings music for children (young and old). She sings of the land, the water, the animals and people with humor, energy and love. The land of beautiful Northern Michigan and the Great Lakes is her source of inspiration. Kathryn plays for kids at schools, museums, libraries, and outdoor events or anywhere kids are gathered. Contact Kathryn at her email address below if you would like to have her come play with your children's group.

Kathryn lives with her husband and two wild and wonderful daughters in Northern Michigan near Grand Traverse Bay.

You can contact Kathryn at:

Kathryn Christian
P.O. Box 72
Williamsburg, MI 49690

E-mail Kathryn at: kbchristian@earthlink.net

Women's retreats

Kathryn gathers women together in churches, retreats, conferences and homes to sing and celebrate the sacred in their lives. Through the use of personal and communal reflection, scripture, song and simple body movement, women deepen and enrich their connection with God, self and each other. Together, women create an atmosphere of acceptance and caring as they share the stories of the sacred in their lives.

To contact Kathryn regarding women's retreats, e-mail her at kbchristian@earthlink.net

More of what people say about Kathryn’s healing music:

“Musical prayer - I play it over and over”
“Voice of an angel”
“The female version of John Michael Talbot”
“Her music brings shivers to my spine, tears to my eyes, and love to my heart”
“When I went into the hospital for surgery, Kathryn’s CD was the first thing I packed”
“Kathryn’s music brought God to me in such a gentle, loving way”

E-mail Kathryn at: kbchristian@earthlink.net

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