Kathryn writes music for prayer, meditation and healing which she has named, Sacred Meditational Music. Kathryn also writes and sings music for children (young and old).

Known for her lovely voice, talents as a composer, and her knowledge of scripture, theology and medieval women mystics, Kathryn's vision is to bring the nurturing love of God into the heart of people's pain, healing and rebirth. (more)

Praise for Kathryn’s healing music include:

“Wonderful, soaking, nurturing prayer”
“Hauntingly beautiful”
“Audible grace - God’s presence in melody that touched my deepest heart”
“Kathryn’s music touched the depths of my soul”
“Her music has a powerful impact each time I play it for a group”
“I value Kathryn’s ability to gently use rich and inclusive language” (more)

Sacred Meditational Music

Come, Holy Mother 2002

This collection of sacred lullabies features songs of women mystics and Psalms. Kathryn's favorite. (more)

I'm a Michigan Kid!

Kathryn's music for kids is lively and engaging. Listen to music about animals, nature, relationships and life which is educational and fun. Great for families with young children. (more)


Women's Retreat!

Replenishing Your Spirit: A Musical Retreat for Women...

Using her music for healing and meditation, Kathryn leads small groups in retreat to help women slow down, to connect with God, to feel a sense of peace, and to share with each other. Music has the power to transform, to transcend, and to heal. Together, women sing, enter into quiet reflection, and share from the heart. Possible retreat topics are:
  • Taking Care of Yourself: Every Day Counts
  • Gratitude: Every Day a Gift
  • Slowing Down and Simplifying, Finding Your Voice
  • The Greatest of These is Love: Caring for Self, Caring for Others
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